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Monday, August 28, 2006

¿Se Habla Espanol?

Bless my parents. First, they take a family vacation, not to Orlando, but GUATEMALA. Then, they try to immerse themselves in the culture and experience new things (see ´Mama´s on a Horse.´)

But like all people, they make mistakes. There have been a few notable ones with the espanol. My parents know a few words here and there of spanish, but were trying to pick some up... hilarity ensues, naturally.

When you meet new people, a common greeting is mucho gusto, or nice to meet you. We had been hearing this a lot. At the same time, many people had complimented my parents on how `fuerte', or strong, Gloria is, a compliment similiar to the word ´gusto´ or energy in english.

So when somebody pointed out how well Gloria was doing climbing the volcano, my dad flexes both of his arms, and proclaims proudly, much gusto!! The other person must have thought him strange, flexing and yelling ´nice to meet you!´in reply! Yeah we mocked him for a good couple of days about that.

Another: Instead of asking how much something was at the market (cuanto cuesta?) my mom effectively asked how old the sellar was, which was a bit awkward (cuantos anos?).

I´m sure I´ve been goofing the same... and will more in the future.


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