The Adventures of April

We shall not cease from exploration - And the end of all our exploring - Will be to arrive where we started - And know the place for the first time. -- T.S. Eliot

Sunday, August 19, 2007

All I've ever wanted is a 5 ft metal rooster....

It's very warm and humid here.

They don't call it HOTlanta fur nuthin'. I can't wait for fall!

I'm been slowly getting more settled in. I moved into my apartment two weeks ago and honestly it's been crazy ever since. I don't think it's going to let up for a few more weeks!

My parents came and visited, and we had a lot of fun even though all the moving and Ikea-ing was extremely exhausting.

My prima Andrea came and visited the next weekend en route to El Salvador where she is now living. We went to the Coke Museum and paid $15 to be marketed at for two hours.

Me with Inca Cola (yes, it is owned by Coke.) Mmmmmm.... yummy?

This weekend my friend Brent had a dinner party. The night degenerated to fun with socks and sandals, an 'arm-off' between myself and Marilyn, and a series of dance sequences that shall remain nameless except by the varieties of 'the Elaine,' 'at a party,' 'revolving', 'robot', and the 'traditional.'

Marilyn and I are both silly enough to do the swinging arm trick; it's all fun and games until you get thwacked; socks are powerful weapons and John is terrified; we are environmentalists and allegedly John has creepy feet.