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Friday, September 08, 2006

My Typical Day

In case any of you are wondering, this is what my typical day has looked like in Antigua:

6:10 Wake up, step outside room, which is literally outside since rooms of house are built around a garden terrace. Take shower. Shower is concrete stall with some tall on the walls, water pressure is suprisingly equal to gravity, and water is warmed through an electrified metal plate a few inches above your head.

6:45 Breakfast with the host fam. Usually eggs, rice, bread, indigenous vegetables. Watch Teletubbies dubbed in Spanish (they are annoying in any language). Make small talk.

7:00 Study and review Spanish for the day´s lesson.

7:45 Walk to school. Very busy on the streets in the morning!

7:50 Ride to school in delapidated van that unfortunately dumps the exhaust into the interior of the van. Use experience as a way to bond with other students.

8:00 Start lesson. Correct yesterday´s homework, learn new grammer.

10:30 Break! Walk to market, buy fruit, tortillas con queso, pancaques, sandwich, or candy. Chat with fellow students, drink coffee.

11:00 More Spanish. But only review because your mind can only learn so much new Spanish each day.

1:00 Class is done!

1:15 Lunch at host family´s.

Afternoon: Engage in a variety of activities, possibly excursions organizd by school, check email, take a nap, read, study Spanish, walk around, or, my favorite, get to know all of Antigua´s charming cafes (delicious Guatemalen coffee and chocolate!). Avoid torrents of rain that come down in the afternoon!

6:45 Dinner. Watch la noticias (news) or Los Simpsons over yummy Guatemalen food. Try to use in conversation what you learned that day.

8:00 Study, or go out with friends from school to pub.

10:00 Bedtime!

Not too shabby, considering all of this is done against the back drop of volcanos, green mountains, brightly painted colonial buildings, cobblestone roads and wonderful people!


At 5:53 PM, September 09, 2006, Blogger Lee Owens said...

Kudos to you for emailing me about your blog, but you are in big trouble for not telling me about it earlier!!! (Can you tell I'm back in teacher mode?) I LOVED reading what you've been up to. I'm down to the entry where you went to the Sky bar.

You would've been getting many more comments if you'd told me earlier, A. Ha ha! I called you A and you can't do a thing about it! You're too far away to hit me!

Thanks for the happy birthday email. :-) I just had a hot stones massage today. 90 luxurious minutes. The Bible doesn't say a whole lot about what's in heaven, but I'm now convinced the hot stone massage is part of it. Mom (and Dad, too, I suppose) gave it to me for my bday.

In other Lora news, the Contour broke down while I was driving to work Monday. We've got it running, but it needs additional repairs, and I'm afraid we'll put $1500 into it only to have the transmission go. So it's time to return Dad's baby to him and buy my first baby. Now he can pet it every night or see what he can get if he sells it.

Okay, I hope you're enjoying the exhaust on your daily commute. I bet you're cleaning your nose daily, eh? Are there any masks you can wear? Don't shorten your life span too much, ok?

Love ya!



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