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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Life Goal #463: Completed!

I'm happy to announce that I recently completed Life Goal of #463: Form a Kickin' Dance Circle with a Dozen Peruvian Mormons. Done!

On Friday night I was planning on going to the happy hour at the Marine's house to meet some new people but, alas, it was canceled. Instead, I went to a fiesta with Gabe at his church that brought together several regional Mormon churches for a night of salsa, Inca Cola, and streamers taped to ceiling fans.

People who know me know that my four favorite places for dancing are wedding receptions, my/your living room, fitting rooms, and circles. Salsa, however, is a dance where you pair off with a partner, and Gabe and I managed to cut the rug a bit by throwing in some swing and country moves.

But by the second time they played Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie," Gabe and I joined forces and coerced a bunch of innocent bystanders to be in a dance circle. There was some confusion as to what the crazy gringos were doing at first, but then the idea took off like wildfire.

While our circle was laying it down, another group just started to watch us, apparently in disbelief/confusion/awe. Gabe and I tried to break up the circle (end on a high, right?) but we had created a monster. Let's just say it spawned into a mambo line by the night's end.

It gives me great satisfaction to cross that off my list. I've already crossed off the previous Goal, #462, which was Lick Live Lemon-Flavored Ants off Tree in Amazon. Life Goal #464 might be a bit more difficult: Become Guinness Book of World Records Holder For Longest Toenails.


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